June Server Update

Server Status:

  • As you might know from earlier this week, we have purchased our own dedicated server! We have been so grateful to be able to share a dedicated server with our Minecraft friends, but it was time to move to our own. With this purchase, we will be able to focus on expanding and enhancing your gameplay. We would like to thank all of our awesome donors, without you this would not be possible!


  • Coug has stepped down from his admin position. He will continue to work alongside the admin team as an Advisor to the server.
  • HelloLove has been named our Player Admin. Her roles include overseeing the mods and overall player activity.
  • DARKHAWX has been named our Dev. Admin. He is tasked with developing mini-games and other features of the server.
  • ICanHasCreepers and 2Skywalkers are our current mods. They make sure our players have a great experience on the server.
  • itismejoey will be taking on the role of Co-Owner. Since joining the server less than a year ago, Joey has helped take the server to the next level. He will be tasked with running the day to day operations of the server. He will be able to make decisions that directly impact the server. Although he will be the Co-Owner, he will proudly wear the Owner tag in game.


  • Currently running 1.8.6 on all servers.
  • Added AlwaysOnline
    • Join the server while Mojang servers are down (as long as you have joined once prior to the servers going down)
    • Warning messages, when servers go down, to not leave the server
  • Redesigned list when hitting TAB
  • Added new /list to see what servers your friends are on
  • Added new /friends
  • Changed IP to play.mcfriends.us
  • Scheduled daily restarts, at 3am (EST) for better server performance


  • Separation of servers
  • Anniversary celebration

Enjoy the game!


New Server!!

Thanks to our awesome donors, we have gone and purchased our own dedicated server! With this server, we should be able to give you a more stable playing experience.

Starting at 11pm (EST) the server will go into maintenance mode and we will begin moving all the files to the new server. Once this is completed, you will still be able to access the server with play.mcfriends.us.

During this transition, there may be a time where the server is completely offline. This will be normal as our DNS needs to switch to the new IP.

Please check back here for updates, as we will try to post as many as we can.


  • 1:00am (EST) – play.mcfriends.us now points to the new IP address. If you still see an error message on the server list, if could be that the DNS settings hasn’t reached your computer yet. You can try and reset your DNS cache (Mac or Windows).
  • 1:15am – Copying over the latest world saves and other data from the old server. This is the longest process and could take a few hours.
  • 6:00am – Apparently it take a while to copy 3,000+ player files, because that’s what we are waiting for right now. Hoping it will take a few more hours and we can boot back up.
  • 7:30am – Servers are back up and you should be able to join. If you notice anything wrong, please stop what you are doing and create a /ticket create bug report
  • 12am (6/25) – We have put the server back into maintenance mode after noticing that players didn’t have their correct inventories. We are uploading the files once again, in hopes that it will fix it. Server may remain offline for the majority of the day.


summersalePhoto Source

Starting today, we will be kicking off the summer with a WICKED SUMMER SALE!!! The weather is changing and the kids are getting out of school, so what better way to celebrate then by saving some money! Click the image above to visit our shop and start saving!!


We will be having our monthly Drop Party this Tuesday from 7-9pm (CST). However, we missed last months DP, so we will be giving out EVEN MORE stuff!! Be sure to attend!

We Are Sorry!!

In the process of upgrading our servers, we experienced a few bugs. Once of them caused all the inventories to be reset. After several attempts to reset the inventories, it seems that they won’t be able to be recovered. We know that you work hard for your items, for that reason, we have created the /sorry command. You will receive a one time payment of $10,000. It is our way to say that we are sorry for losing your inventories.

Server Upgrades

To help enhance your gameplay, we are upgrading our servers and plugins to the latest versions. The server will be offline overnight, while this process happens.

Check back here for more updates.

12:45am (est) – Plugins have been updated and server is up to 1.8.6.

1am – Currently uploading most recent world saves. This is the longest process, uploading about 10gb of files.

5:30am – Server is back online and all updates were successful. If you notice anything wrong, stop what you are doing and comment on this post. Anything not reported will not be fixed and you could possibly lose items.

10am – Survival world has been taken offline. Something went wrong with Inventories and Homes. It should be back online by this evening.

12pm – Had to put the server back in maintenance mode once we found that ALL world inventories were not copied over correctly.

5pm – Server is back online to the public. If you notice any issues, please tell a staff or post it on this page.



We are super excited to launch our new Prison server!!! To get you ready for the launch, we have opened up the Prison section on our server shop. In addition to opening the Prison section, we have added a 20% OFF SALE FOR EVERYTHING IN THE STORE!!

ALSO!!!! All donors get access to the Prison THIS TUESDAY (4/7) before anyone else!!

(NOTICE: If you have donated in the past and changed your name DO NOT upgrade if it doesn’t show that you would have a discounted price. You could end up paying more then you should!)

Username Changes

Hello there!

The ability to change your username has been out for over 60 days now and we are starting to see players changing their names (again). This works perfectly fine on the server, but not so much on our website.

If you are going to change your username, you must create a forum post under your current web account, requesting a username change. Please be sure to include your new Minecraft username in the post.

Any duplicate accounts will be merged with your old account and could lose data, such as forum topics, wall posts and friends.



Social Engagement Admin

New Server IP and Staff!

New Server IP


Over time, the server has grown to become more then a Fan Server and more of a server where players can come to hangout and play with their friends. We understand that we will still get a lot of “Fans” that come from Koz’s channel and we welcome them with open arms and hope they enjoy the server. The fan.mcfriends.us address will be discontinued as of  April 5th.

As we will welcome other server owners to our own server, we have decided to put a new policy in place. Server staff will help you as much as we can with plugin help. However, we will limit that help to finding YouTube links or other forms of help for you. We will not be able to  walk you through configuring a plugin for your server.

We are grateful for Koz and his channel, as well as our MCFriends that continue to stream and record on our private SMP server. We hope you continue to support them as they continue to bring in players to our public servers.

New Staff

We would like to welcome @hounddog2021 to our Moderator team! Hound is one of our Friend donors and has been a help to all the players on the server. He is a server owner himself and can help out with ideas to make MCFriends a better place!

@miniminecraft3 has resigned from is role as Builder, we are grateful for his help with multiple prison builds and help with the spawn.

@landaroo and @lowellsbmx are currently AFK staff, taking time for themselves. We hope to see their return soon!